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Pre-Budget Consultations 2024-2025

The President, Dr. Rishi Sookdawoor and the Secretary General, Mr. Vasish Ramkhalawon of the Insurers Association of Mauritius (IAM) met with the Minister of Finance, Economic Planning, and Development, Dr. Renganaden Padayachy, to exchange views and make proposals regarding the insurance industry, during a pre-budget consultative meeting in Port Louis.

Mr. Vasish Ramkhalawon stated that the meeting was very positive and productive. Three key areas of significant importance both for the insurance sector and in terms of the latest situations prevailing in the country, were broached, namely: the pension system, medical insurance, and car insurance.

Pension System

Mr. Ramkhalawon proposed that the pension system be reviewed. He emphasised the need to secure a strong return on investment to ensure that the people receive their entitled pension benefits, while also taking into account all associated factors to enable accurate forecasting.

Medical Insurance

In light of the recent changes to the healthcare system, Mr. Ramkhalawon stressed the critical importance of ensuring the sustainability of the insurance industry to ensure continued healthcare services for the public. He added that:

IAM is committed to providing its full support to its policyholders and society at large, but we first evolve into an empowering and enabling entity in our own right.

Car Insurance

Reflecting on the car losses resulting from the recent floods caused by climate change in Mauritius, the Secretary-General recalled that along with the Government’s generous assistance in providing financial support to the victims, the insurance industry responded just as quickly and effectively. It is thus imperative to ensure that this system is sustainable enough to cater to everyone’s expectations in the event of a crisis.


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